Mobile Notary

Mobile Notary

TYZAZI provides 24 hours notary services. Here at Tyzazi, our notaries will come to you at your convenience. Whether you need to schedule a loan signing, notarize a structured settlement, or simply need a witness for a signature, we have you covered. You never have to worry about searching for a notary and going out of your way to get to one. Schedule an appointment with us and we’ll be there. Our mobile notaries come straight to you, whenever you need so you can focus on the most important issues at hand.

Notary is by appointment only: Please note there is an additional $10 charge for walk in Notary Request:

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Notary Pricing and Payment:
Charges may vary depending on location, number of documents and time of the appointment:

$5.00 – Appointment Request for business hours 9am to 5pm:
At our office: $5 per seal

$45 – Appointment Request for before/after hours: Before hours (7am – 9am) After hours (5pm to 11pm) – at our office: (additional charges includes: $5 per signature)

$85 – Appointment Request for late hours (11pm – 6am): at our office (additional charges includes: $5 per signature)

Fees for Mobile:
$65: Appointment request for Rush hours and after hours fees (additional charges includes: $5 signature and $5 per mile from our office)

$45: Appointment request during non rush hours and during business hours (additional charges includes: $5 per signature and $5 per mile from our office)

$120 – Appointment Request for late hours (additional charges includes: $5 per signature and $5 per mile from our office)

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Fill out the form below to tell us about your notary inquiry and schedule your appointment: Please note we do charge an additional $25 for all after hours request.

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